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The End October 29, 2011

Posted by justinlall in Bermuda Bowl.

Super drunk right now, but we picked up 31 to lose by 45 in the last set. The Dutch played better than us and deserved the win.


1. Rahul - October 29, 2011

Well done, Justin!

2. Flameous - October 29, 2011

Great bridge from you on the last set. It really felt like you went to war and you went to win it!
Enemies just were bit too far ahead.
Next year you’ll make it, I’m sure :)

3. Mark - October 30, 2011

Good job, guys. I must admit I was rooting for the Netherlands, but it was respectable behaviour of you to play (and play hard and win) in the last segment.

4. Kitty Cooper - October 30, 2011

Well done to get to the finals. Too bad the Dutch played well and with so few errors! We were all getting up at ridiculously early hours to watch you on vugraph :)

Some of the hands are written up over at Bridge Winners, including a few I wrote up, along with daily reporting. Everyone was rooting for you all.

5. Lak - October 30, 2011

Congratulations on the silver. Once your partnerships and systems jell, you will have a long run at the top, I’m sure.

6. Timo - October 31, 2011

I dunno what to say Justin…I am sure everything i want to say to make u feel better has been already said to u by many people so i will skip it. All i want to say at this point is you and your teammates gained a lot of respect from all over the world. Your team was the only one who had to battle his way thru BB finals by also having to play vs Diamond and Nickel team in 128 boards matches.

I dunno which team u will be playing in next year, but whichever that may be, good luck. Watching u and Grue is my #1 hobby :)

7. ann - November 2, 2011

I sincerely hope that what you all accomplished has not been dimmed by the agony of defeat. Distance and time will reinforce your brilliant play and great run in the BB. I am certain that there will be many BB victories in the future of your team. And, we will all be watching–even at 4:30 am if need be.

8. David Dalrymple - November 9, 2011

Well Damnit I don’t want it to be the end. What is your team for the Reisinger?

9. ann - November 22, 2011

Justin, you have been drunk for a long time now ! How about some new posts from some recent tournaments!

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