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Finals Set 3 October 27, 2011

Posted by justinlall in Bermuda Bowl.

Our team played horribly in the third set, unfortunately the Dutch played very well and we are now down 22.

There are still 80 boards left, so despite this setback we are still only down 22 in a very long match. Tomorrow is a new day, and I’m confident we will rise to the occasion and return to form.

Honestly, we have been down with 5 sets to go every match anyways, this is not a big deal, as long as we get our act together. Tomorrow should be fun!


1. Rahul - October 27, 2011

Down 22 with 80 boards to go? My money is on you guys. Good luck tomorrow. We’ll be watching and rooting you on!

2. Lak - October 27, 2011

It seems to me that your team got unlucky a couple of times on some marginal bid-or-not-bid situations.

The hand where you overcalled 1H, got doubled and went down 3, for example. At the other table, South passed.

Or the one where you played 2C+3. At the other other table, West doubled, giving south another chance to bid 3C and get raised to 3NT.

Luck should flow the other direction on the next 80 boards!

3. Ana Roth - October 27, 2011

In Spanish we say: Perder la batalla pero no la guerra…more or less… lose the battle but not the war.

Here is your video link:

hope your friends will like to see you …we wish you all the best as always

Ana y Fernando

4. petra - October 27, 2011

good luck Friday
USA rocks

5. justinlall - October 27, 2011

Thanks Ana!

Lak, we have definitely been lucky on several hands as well.

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