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At just 25 years old, Justin has already had a 15 year long bridge career with fantastic results. A prodigy, by age 12 Justin had won 3 Flight A regionals and become a life master.

By age 15 Justin was being mentored heavily by then #1 player Bob Hamman and his father Hemant (A 5 time national champion in his own right). He started to play profesionally, and at age 20 he moved from Dallas to New York.  Justin has a wealth of experience playing at the highest levels as well as teaching players of all levels. His passion for bridge is clearly shown every time he plays.

At age 24, Justin was the youngest player on the youngest team ever to win the US team trials, the event that determines who represents the USA in the 2011 Bermuda Bowl. In the Bermuda Bowl, he won the silver medal, being the youngest player on the youngest team by average age.

His list of accomplishments include:

Off table accomplishments include:
  • Non playing captain of the USA World University Team
  • Panelist on the Master Solver’s Club (Bridge World)
  • Contestant in Challenge the Champs (Bridge World)
  • Three time contestant in The Bidding Box (Bridge Bulletin)
  • Published Bridge Author
  • Voted best poster of the year for 2011 on the Bridge Base Forums
  • Vugraph Commentator

His list of partners has included:


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